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Speech of the Board of Trustees chairman

The University seeks providing the most important elements of advancing and developing of the works and operations of economic , scientific administrative and engineering companies and establishment in syria , by preparing graduates of high standards, and distinguished in human , economic , administrative and engineering sciences.

Faculty of Medicine:     we seek to open it very soon.

Faculty of Pharmacy.

Faculty of Engineering:
       Civil Engineering - Architectural Engineering - Business  Informatics and Computer Engineering.

Faculty of Management and Economic Sciences :
        Business administration - Banking and E-financing -E-marketing &Public relations.

Faculty of Law.

In order to move in line with the quantum leaps in the local , Arab and international markets , so that our graduates can meet all our requirement and contribute , in the realization of the human , social and scientific renaissance , as their Syrian ancestors have done , long time ago.

The quality distinguished work provided academics to our students prepares them to enter labor markets , as builders in the works of internationality and civilization in all its aspects.

Our students receive degrees credited by the partner universities in Syria , Germany and Europe ,as well as a high qualification and competency in information and the English language , this is not to mention thier annually constant contact with the cultural and advanced word through their annual visits to countries worldwide.

We seek to put an end to the current brain drain so as to maintain our national riches ,and to facilitate to our students receiving the most up-to-date sciences in thier mother homeland , and the work to develop them .

We are more than /141/ families that laid the foundation stones of a university that serve our natives without any profitable aims . Foreign ,Arab and Syrian highly qualified academics take part with us . Our university has the capacity of holding all scientifically constructive efforts especially after the Earth has become a very small village in this vast universe.

A greeting to all national , private and public universities , taking part with them in the building up of the homeland .

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سوريا - دمشق - ص.ب : 34219

هاتف : 800 7439 31 963+

جوال : 999970 932 963+

فاكس :806 7439 31 963+

البريد الإلكتروني : info@wiu.edu.sy

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