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The Board Meeting

To achieve the university objectives , the board of Trustees undertakes the following responsibilities and authorities and enjoys the authorities of taking decisions and surveillance in it :

*  Defines university goals and draws its general policy , and lays down the plans required to develop and supervise them .

*  Endorses the rules and instructions to organize university work and its administration and controlling its affairs.

*  Lays down the university financial , internal and employment constitutions , and the other regulations preparing them to be credited by the Ministry of Higher Education.

*  Endorses the university annual report offered by the university council for the university growth and developmental projects and approves them .

*  Enforses the allocations required for all university different utilities ( buildings - requirements- pay roll,wages - compensations and rewards ).

*  Endorses and approves the university annula report, the general budget and the closing accounts.

*  Suggests designating the university president to the Ministry oh higher education . BOT Chairmen issues the designating decision after the ministry approval .

*  Nominates the university vice presidents upon a suggestion by the university president .

*  Nominates the chancellor [ managing director ] upon a suggestion by the university president .

*   Awards the Honoris Causa [ honor PHD ] upon a suggestion by the university council in accordance with the credited bases .



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