Signing agreements with governmental universities

In the framework of enhancing the scientific and cultural cooperation between Wadi International University and public universities, in the presence of the President of WIU, Prof. Dr. Samir Saad, and the President of the University of Aleppo, Dr. Mustafa Afioni and the President of Hama University, Dr. Mohamed Ziad Sultan, and in the presence of the faculties deans and the academic and administrative cadre, a scientific and cultural cooperation agreements between WIU  and Aleppo and Hama Universities was signed.

The meeting started with a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs followed by the national anthem of the Syrian Arab Republic. Then, Dr. Samir Saad gave a welcoming speech on this occasion in which he stressed the need to strengthen scientific and cultural cooperation between the universities. After that, Dr. Samir Saad and Dr. Mustafa Afioni signed the agreement and presented a memorial shield to Dr., who, after that, delivered a speech about the importance of scientific cooperation. Then, President of the University of Hama, Mohamed Ziad Sultan, and Dr. Samir Saad, President of WIU , signed the agreement and exchanged commemorative shields.

In conclusion, an introductory tour was conducted on the faculties, departments and laboratories of Wadi International University.

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