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Faculty of Medicine

Information about the faculty of Medicine

The College of Medicine at Wadi International Private University seeks to prepare qualified doctors who are able to compete in local, regional and international fields of work and scientific research. The college adopts scientific research as a way to develop and achieve development goals and solve the health problems of the local community. It is also keen on updating academic programs, developing professional performance, raising the efficiency of scientific, professional and ethical medical staff, spreading health awareness in the community, and providing high-quality medical services to members of society according to High academic and professional standards that keep pace with scientific and technological development.

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The Medical Faculty of Wadi International Private University aims  at the followings:

Preparing a highly qualified general practitioners who are qualified to pursue specialized studies and carry out scientific research that meets the needs of society

Developing university medical education by modernizing the infrastructure and means of education, providing quality academic programs that keep pace with contemporary scientific development, and attracting competitive scientific human staff, which would contribute to preparing graduates who are able to compete in a time of globalization.

Paying attention to scientific research in the medical fields, and working on producing, and employing medical knowledge in   advancement of society

Developing the spirit of teamwork

Directing the student towards the optimal choice of scientific activities and participating in them, and ensuring permanent and direct academic supervision during the various stages of study

Encouraging cultural, artistic, social and sports activities that ensure the refinement of the students’ personality, qualifying  them for openness and acceptance of others and enhance communication

Building bridges of cultural communication with various medical colleges and scientific bodies within the country, and with Arab and foreign health scientific institutions, in order to exchange scientific experiences and knowledge

Developing students’ voluntary work spirit and contributing to local authorities’ programs in providing emergency and primary medical services