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The President of WIU




Personal Information

Name: Prof. Dr. Bashir Suleiman Elias

Place and date of birth: Homs 12/13/1958

He is married and has three children

Certificates and scientific achievements

Degree: Doctorate in Philosophy of Analytical Chemistry

General specialty: Analytical chemistry

Detailed specialty:  Electrophoresis and Spectroscopy

Study language:  Russian

University:  Mendeleev, Moscow City

Grant date:  1991

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Wadi University 2016-2019

Two patents for electrolyte purification pathways


 The President’s Speech

Science raises a house that has no pillars                      Ignorance destroys the house of glory and honor

           I am pleased to welcome you to the edifice of Wadi International Private University, which increases the fragrance and beauty of our region and opens an additional window for communication between the university and its surroundings locally and internationally and in all scientific, cultural and social fields.

Wadi International University, which was founded in 2005 with the sincere contribution of white-handed people, has become a focus for building the educated, conscious, competent and loving human being by developing students’ skills and abilities to learn, and arming them with specialized and general knowledge. It also aspires to spread and enhance knowledge and expand the base of studies and scientific and cultural activities to keep pace with other universities in various fields of science.

The responsibility of the Presidency of Wadi International University prompts me to put my scientific, administrative and social experience and capabilities at the service of the university, its students and those in charge of it, to enhance the educational and research process, and to implement the policy of higher education and scientific research.

During my term of presidency, WIU, look forward to raising the university to the advanced scientific level and to enhance its role in transferring loans to serve the community, which contributes to the distinctive presence of the university everywhere, and the consolidation of innovation, the preparation of distinguished students in their fields of specialization, the dissemination of the culture of volunteer work and the advancement of scientific and research reality from Through the development of teaching curricula, strengthening self-censorship for all, holding cultural and artistic festivals, scientific conferences and production exhibitions, signing public agreements with universities in Syria and outside Syria and activating them in the interest of our students and our university.

Wadi University seeks to secure the requirements of learning by contracting with the best faculty and technical members, as well as increasing the total number of devotees in it, which contributes to the stability of the teaching process in all faculties. The Presidency of the University is working to open the Faculty of Medicine at the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022

I hope with all my heart to be a serious participant in raising the university’s status scientifically and culturally and adding a useful building block to this precious scientific reform to raise the university’s ranking high among local and international universities

Finally, Constructive teamwork helps us to succeed, develop and raise the level of our students in all their specializations, and raise the level of the university in its Arab and international surroundings… Together we rise to build our beloved homeland and our precious human being armed with science, knowledge, faith and honesty.

Thank you