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About the university

As soon as Legislative Decree No. 36 of 2001 was issued containing the system of private educational institutions for the post-secondary stage, until the people of Wadi al-Nadara in Homs called for the establishment of the Valley Company for Educational and Educational Institutions, the company will implement this decree and this company has been created before About 140 families contribute, thus making a quantum leap to achieve the objectives of this decree. The main objective is to form a creative university model covering many fields of knowledge and prepare graduates to the job market with increasing quality requirements

Thus, Wadi International University was created by Legislative Decree No. / 281 / Ta. 3/7/2005. The following colleges and majors were opened

 Faculty of Engineering

– Studies are accredited by German bodies

– Informatics Engineering Business Administration

– Communications Engineering

– Civil Engineering / Structural Engineering

– Design Engineering / Architecture

Faculty of Dentistry

College of Administrative and Economic Sciences

– Business Management

– E-Commerce and Management

– E-Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

– Banking and electronic finance