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The Council Chairman’s Speech



Our university seeks to provide the most important elements for the progress and development of the work of companies and engineering, administrative, scientific and economic institutions in Syria, by preparing graduates with distinguished high levels in engineering, administrative, economic and humanitarian sciences
The College of Human Medicine and we are trying to open it very soon

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Engineering

Civil Engineering – Architecture Engineering – Informatics Engineering Business Administration – Computer Engineering

Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences

Business Administration – Banking and E-Finance – E-Marketing, Advertising and Public Relation

The Faculty of Law.

This is to keep pace with the qualitative leaps in the regional, global and local market, so that our children can fill the gap of our need for others, and that our children, like their Syrian Arab ancestors, can contribute to achieving the scientific, social and humanitarian renaissance. The qualitative work that academics offer to our students prepares them to enter the labor markets, constructive participants in the global civilized work in all its aspects … Our students obtain certificates accredited by partner universities in Germany, Europe, and Syria, and are highly qualified in English information and languages, in addition to their annual contact with the developed world through their annual visits to countries of the world.

We seek to limit the current brain drain to preserve the national wealth, as we have made it easy for our children to receive the latest science in their motherland and work on developing it.

We are more than 141 families that laid the first building blocks for a university that serves the people of our country without profit-making goals.

We are joined by distinguished, competent, Arab and foreign academics.