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Why Wadi International Private University?

The main objective of deciding to establish the university in the wadi of Freshness is to form a creative model of universities covering many fields of knowledge.

To ensure that this goal is reached, many international programs for universities and institutes of higher education have been researched in many countries of the world, including France, the United States and Germany …

The conviction was firm and steadfast in the German program, which achieves the objectives set with great care and great concern.

Wadi International Private University was established by the Wadi Company for educational and educational institutions in cooperation with the German Technical University of Magdeburg (Otto von Jürcke) in cooperation and coordination with the Syrian-German Association for Science and Technology in Germany.

The foundations of cooperation between the University of Magdeburg and the University of the Valley can be summarized as follows

It was established according to German standards

Studies are accredited by German bodies

Good management and quality in research and teaching based on German standards

The studies conform to the provisions of the Bologna Declaration to ensure that all degrees and certificates are accepted in Europe without the need to amend them

Reliance on the principle of unity of education and research

Supporting regional development

A multicultural education based on endurance, peace and humanity

Available to all students and from any country

Professors and students must respect the privacy of university members, especially the host country

University professors have complete freedom in teaching and research

The rules of procedure of Wadi University are in line with the vision of the Board of Trustees and in line with the regulations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education