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University agreements and partners

WIU has concluded many agreements with Syrian and Foreign Universities to enhance the educational level of its students.

Conferences and events

Learn about the conferences held at Al-Wadi International University, and the Cultural Events that take place at different times at the university


How to get a seat at the university

Learn about the procedures for registering within the trade-offs at El Wadi University, the required papers and all the information that may be required during the registration process, and what are the advantages that you will get at the university

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Learn about our Learning Content Management System

Through the educational content management system, teachers and students can interact permanently, exchange lectures and questions, grant the ability to download jobs and send marks directly.

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Learn about the activities and events of Wadi University

Where we always aspire to be in constant contact with the community, students and parents


Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Syrian Arab Republic, the first virtual medical conference was held for Wadi University in cooperation with the Medical Association and the Ministry of Health and in the presence of: Prof. Dr. Bashir Elias, President of Al-Wadi University. Dr. Kamal Asad Amer, head of the Syrian Doctors Syndicate Dr. Abdul Qadir, the former captain of the Syrian Doctors


Under the patronage of Comrade President of the General Sports Union, Professor Firas Mualla, Al-Wadi International University, in cooperation with the Medical Committee of the Syrian Football Association, held a workshop for those interested in sports medicine and treatment of players and physical therapists in Syrian clubs and university students. The conference was attended by Comrade Firas Mualla, President of the General Sports Federation Brigadier General Hatem Al-Ghayeb, president of the Syrian Football Association. Prof. Dr. Bashir Elias, President of Al-Wadi University A handful of experts and academics


The College of Pharmacy at Wadi International University, in cooperation with the Administrative Authority of the National Union of Syrian Students, undertook a scientific trip to Medico Laboratories for Pharmaceutical Industries under the supervision of Dr. Samer Al-Hosha, Dr. Wissam Zem and Dr. Hanan Muhammad, in the presence of the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Maher Darwish, on Monday 9 November 2020 The visit began with a welcome from the factory administration and with an introductory lecture from all the departments in the factory, which was followed by a tour through which the factory departments, production lines and their working mechanism were detailed in detail. The director of the laboratory, Dr. Nabil Al-Qusayr, presented a memorial shield presented by Medico Laboratories to the Presidency of Wadi International Private University. In turn, Wadi International University, represented by the University President, Prof. Dr. Bashir Elias, thanks the Medico Laboratories Administration for all that has been presented to the fellow students.


Collaboration between The Greek Orthodox Diocese of Homs, and the Private Wadi International University A cultural symposium was held with the title: The Kingdom of Qatana – A Journey into History The seminar was attended by Dr. Bashir Elias, President of Al-Wadi University, and His Excellency Bishop George Abu Zakhem, the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Homs, and a number of those interested in the cultural and scientific field in the city. Dr. Caroline Farkouh, a member of the faculty at Al-Wadi International Private University, gave a lecture on architectural style in the Kingdom. Dr. Ramez Bitar, Director of Public Relations, also participated in the scientific and heritage interventions. Prof. Dr. President of Al-Wadi University emphasized the necessity for the university to be present in all cultural and scientific forums that are organized within or outside the university.

Direct access to the exam results and student affairs for our students

Get to know our distinguished teaching staff

The faculty consisting of the best doctors and university professors to reach the highest educational levels

Dean of the College of Management
Dr. Ayman Shihab

PhD in economics from Damascus University

Dean of the College of Pharmacy
Dr. Munir Othman

PhD in Pharmacy from Romania

Dean of the College of Dentistry
Dr. Mohammed Al-Harisi

PhD in General Dentistry - Periodontology

Dean of the College of Engineering
Dr. Shakib Sattouf

Doctorate in civil engineering from the National School of Engineers in France

Dean of the Faculty of Law
Dr. Kasser Younes

Doctor of Laws

Head of the Department of Informatics Engineering
Dr. Harb Kamla

PhD in Informatics Engineering

School in the Faculty of Economics
Dr. Susan Hinnawi

PhD in economics in human resources from the University of Aleppo

Head of the Civil Engineering Department
Dr. Samer Suleiman

Doctor of Medicine in Civil Engineering

Administrative departments at Valley University

Get to know the administrative and functional staff working at Wadi International Private University who work hard to secure the progress of the teaching process according to the best conditions

Administrative departments

Get to know all the administrative departments at Wadi University, and the functional staff that works hard to meet all the requirements of the educational process and contribute with the teaching staff in taking care of students and helping to communicate information to them
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The student body

Get to know all the administrative departments at Wadi University, and the functional staff that works hard to meet all the requirements of the educational process and contribute with the teaching staff in taking care of students and helping to communicate information to them
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technical support

Learn about all the technical services we provide to our dear students at Wadi University, and all the virtual electronic services that they can benefit from during their studies at Wadi University
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1. Registration guide

The student applies to the special comparison for Wadi International Private University, either by visiting the university that is located in Wadi Al-Nadari region or through the university’s website, where the student provides all the required information and attaches the required documents. The team at Wadi University follows up on the student’s application.

2. Confirmation

In a short period of time, we will contact you to follow up your preference request, and to inform you of the status of your application in order to stay informed of your preference status.

3. Complete documentation

Communicate with the student to complete the documents that must be brought or inform him that all the conditions have been met and that the acceptance has been made, and set a date to complete the registration procedures.

4. Registration

After acceptance, the student comes to the university to finish the registration process, gets his university information and the university card, and his information is entered into the university’s system.

5. Wadi International Private University family

We at Wadi International Private University seek to attract young capabilities to refine their energy within a professional academic space of teachers, technicians and administrators .. We are waiting for our students, to be part of the family.

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