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Quality Assurance Center

Quality Assurance Office

Al-Wadi International University

The quality center's letter

In light of the great and rapid development that the world is witnessing, it has become impossible to stay in this world and interact with it without keeping pace with its development. Perhaps the application of quality standards in various fields is one of the most important features of the current stage, and based on the fact that education in general and higher education in particular play a leading role in the field of community development,

and its transition to a developed civilized society that depends more on the knowledge economy, the orientation of Al-Wadi International Private Universitywas to work on developing this important sector through the creation of a Quality Assurance Center at the university in order to focus on providing all the appropriate conditions for the acquisition of graduates with the knowledge and skills that qualify them to succeed in building their future, and to contribute to succeed in building the future, and to actively contribute to the development of the institutions in which they work.

Based on this, the Quality Assurance Center focused its attention on developing the educational process at the university by working on studying the targeted outputs for each of these disciplines, and then providing all the conditions to achieve these outputs and develop them continuously, by providing the required infrastructure, and providing modern curricula. And highly qualified staff, and organize their work by applying a set of procedures and instructions, which lead to achieving the requirements of effective management systems that achieve internationally approved quality standards.

Center Objectives:

"The knowledge economy is built with the quality of education and scientific research"
Prof.Sulaf Ibrahem
Director of the Quality Assurance Office

Quality Center Members

CVAcademic SpecializationJob TitleName
Ph.D. in ChemistryDirector of the Quality Assurance Office

Prof.Sulaf Ibrahem

Master of Business AdministrationDeputy Director of the Quality Assurance Office

Miss.Liana Alyousef

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