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Foundation of the university

Legislative Decree No. 36 dated 8/16/2001 was issued regarding the organization of private educational institutions for the post-secondary stage.

In view of the increase in the number of students during that period wishing to obtain distinguished educational levels from international universities that adopt the latest curricula and methods of education used in the world, and to alleviate the suffering of travel and the exorbitant costs of tuition fees for the people of the homeland, the people of the Valley of Freshness met after the issuance of Decree No. 36 / and was born The idea of ​​establishing the Wadi International Private University in Homs Governorate in the Wadi region.

And to embody the idea of ​​establishing a university, the Valley Company for Educational and Educational Institutions (a closed joint stock company) was established.

Initial funding for the project was secured from residents and expatriates of the region, and the company includes more than 140 shareholders from the wiu families.

Al-Wadi Company for Educational and Educational Institutions licensed the first private university in the central region under the name of the Syrian-German Private Valley University in the Wadi Al-Nadara region, and its name was later modified to become the Wadi International Private University.

The goal is to establish a creative model from universities that covers many fields of knowledge and to serve the nation and the citizen, Many international programs for universities and higher education institutes have been researched, especially in France, the United States and Germany, and the conviction was firm and firm in the German program that achieves the goals set with great care and great interest.

Several agreements were signed with German universities, the first of which was on April 24, 2005, at the Ministry of Higher Education, under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Hani Mortada, Minister of Higher Education in the Ministry of Higher Education building. The agreement was signed by Dr. Klaus Eric Pullman, President of the German University and architect Yusef Abd Laki, Executive Director of the university project. The signature was attended by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, German Ambassador, Canadian Ambassador in Damascus, Dr. Naguib Abdel Wahid, Assistant Minister for Scientific Research and a number of stakeholders in the Ministry of Education, the German delegation and representatives of the Ministry Expatriates and the Valley Company. .

This was followed by a series of similar agreements between the “Valley International Private University” and the German “Autophon Jurique – Magdeburg” University. And other German universities such as Cottbus University and agreements with scientific bodies and institutions such as (DAAD) and the German-Syrian Association for Science and Technology in Germany. .

The university also signed an agreement with the Canadian Institute “English Canada” to teach English to university students after adopting English as a language of instruction.

Legislative Decree No. 281 was issued on 3/7/2005 to create the Syrian German Private University – Wadi International Private University, which was established according to German standards.

Studies are accredited by German bodies

Good management and quality in research and teaching based on German standards

Teaching according to the European system, according to the Bologna Declaration, to ensure that the degrees are recognized in Europe

Reliance on the principle of unity of education and research

Supporting regional development

Multicultural education based on endurance, peace and humanity for all students

University professors have complete freedom in education and scientific research

The rules of procedure of Wadi University are in line with the vision of the Board of Trustees and in line with the regulations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education.

On 9/8/2005, the foundation stone for the permanent headquarters of the university was laid under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Hani Mortada, and in the presence of the German ambassador, the Canadian ambassador, representatives of the Syrian universities, the people of Homs and the valley region.

After that, the educational process of the university began at a temporary residence at the “Lyon Place” hotel for a period of three years, and the following faculties were opened:

Engineering (optics computing, economic informatics, computer engineering, communications engineering, architecture-graphic design … Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences for the departments: Business Administration, Management and E-Commerce, Banking and E-Finance, E-Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

On August 19, 2009, the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ghayath Barakat, inaugurated the current and permanent headquarters of the university, after which the march would continue to culminate in the opening of other new colleges.

It currently includes Valley University

Faculty of Dentistry.

faculty of Pharmacy .

College of Engineering.

College of Administrative and Economic Sciences, and their specializations


Wadi International University is committed to working to achieve a qualitative change in higher education at the national and international levels by focusing on adopting multiple teaching systems, and establishing academic partnerships with German universities in order to achieve its goal of providing the finest forms of academic education and scientific research in the service of the nation and society through teaching staff of Syrian and German professors.

Wadi International Private University is located in the province of Homs – Wadi Al-Nadara. It is an ideal location in the middle of Syria and is located within the fastest growing region in Syria. It became one of the scientific edifices through the distinction of its academic and administrative staff, its advanced laboratory equipment, and its commitment to its great responsibilities towards its students.


Wadi University is committed to the freedom of academic work and advanced education and sponsors innovation and innovation, and aspires to become one of the first private universities in Syria, the Arab world and the world, and works to grant its graduates a Syrian and German university degree in (Dual Degrees) that enables its graduates to pursue studies in international universities and this was one of the The most important reasons for the university’s adoption of the English language as the primary language in teaching, as specialized professors qualify students in the first year to pursue their studies in English in subsequent years.

The university also adopted the ECTS system adopted in European universities, which gives the student great facilities to transfer or pursue higher studies in European universities.