جامعة الوادي الدولية الخاصة

بوابتكم ... للنجاح

أحدث المناهج العلمية وفق أرقى المعايير الحديثة للتعليم والتي تساعد طلابنا للوصول إلى مفاتيح النجاح في الحياة

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The headquarters of Wadi International Private University

“Syria is the cradle of civilization”

Syria has played a great role in human history, as it was the first home to many of the great human achievements that spread throughout the world. Man has discovered in Syria the secrets of agriculture and types of minerals and created for the world the first alphabet … religions and philosophies, the commercial language and the system of civil development, political, diplomatic and cultural exchanges … all originated and took root in Syria.

And for that, the truth is in saying: “Every educated person belongs to two nations: his homeland and Syria.”

The university headquarters has an area of ​​400,000 square meters and includes 100,000 square meters of campuses and departments in addition to the university village

It is not hidden from the practical importance of this site, as it is easily accessible from all parts of the city of Homs and the surrounding areas, from the Syrian capital Damascus, Aleppo, Lattakia, Tartous, Hama, Lebanon and Jordan. This will go in the second phase to Egypt and the Gulf region.

As for Lebanon, the farthest distance between Syria and Lebanon from the village of Kobayat in the Akkar region in northern Lebanon to the university campus is only 13 km, and this in turn will facilitate the arrival of those wishing to the university from Lebanon.

And to ensure the safety and security of students and the university’s desire to create means of comfort and access to and from it in goodness and safety, without any consideration or intent to achieve a profitable goal, but based on providing the service for students’ comfort and safety, the university decided to commit to providing transportation service to all students wishing to benefit from this service and provided them with Private transportation.