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أحدث المناهج العلمية وفق أرقى المعايير الحديثة للتعليم والتي تساعد طلابنا للوصول إلى مفاتيح النجاح في الحياة

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Committees of the Board of Trustees

Academic committee

The mission of this committee is to periodically evaluate the university’s performance and follow up on the development of its curricula and research to maintain a prestigious scientific level that keeps pace with the latest developments in science and modern technologies. Members of this committee are academics working or contracting with the university

Financial Administrative Committee

This committee is concerned with evaluating the relationships and administrative and financial procedures in the university’s internal and external activities. It consists of a group of specialists and experts in the fields of administrative and financial affairs and the laws governing them.

Foreign Relations Committee

The tasks of this committee focus on the university’s relations with parties and external parties interested in the affairs of academic education and its research. This committee is also concerned with developing the university’s academic and research participations with Syrian, Arab, German and European universities, institutions and research centers to advance scientific and research progress in our homeland.