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WIU’s main goals

Contributing to the development of the academic level in Syria and meeting the desires of the region’s residents who are shareholders and yearn for Education and knowledge

Creating suitable job opportunities according to the requirements of the labor market

Working on the graduation of  young people who are able to compete with the possession of foreign language skills and Excellence at using the latest technical methods in the computer and the Internet in addition to providing highly qualified academic studies and for this,  Wadi Company for education and educational institutions supports teaching the English language at the university at more than 50% of its actual cost in order to contribute to raise the ability of students in this language.

Putting an end to the brain drain as young people travel outside the country in search of a better education and rarely return home.


Creating mutual cooperation between Syrian and foreign universities with regard to expertise and skills, and for the benefit of students.


Full update of the latest scientific research findings and work on development in all fields.


Encouraging old graduates to follow the latest scientific research findings

Developing the economic reality of rural areas and creating good job opportunities aimed at limiting migration to cities

Training students to face real life situations by providing the latest laboratories and workshops, in addition to providing the required theoretical information

Selecting colleges and departments in a way that meets the needs of the country and everything that is required in the labor markets (College of Administrative and Economic Sciences, which consists of the Department of Business Administration, Department of Management and E-Commerce, Department of E-Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Department of Banking and E-Finance. Engineering, which consists of the Department of Computer Engineering, Department of Informatics Engineering, Business Administration, and Department of Architecture Engineering.

Developing the educational level in the region by creating and providing courses in languages, computers, communications and others

Improving the level of scientific research

Organizing international conference to attract high-ranking expatriate scholars to benefit from there expertise.

Exchanging experiences, curricula and students with international universities

Permanent coordination with the Syrian private and official universities to achieve integration in the performance of the mission

 Finding a sophisticated scholarship system to preserve professional / vocational